Brian Scharping (BScharp)

I have been taking photos professionally and semi-professionally for over 25 yrs. In college it was a great way to earn beer...I mean pizza money. Now, it provides me a stress relieving outlet. In those 28 yrs, I have taken over half a million images. I shot over 4,000 rolls of film in college. My first digital camera had the shutter replaced at 50,000 shots and I about used up the new shutter as well. My second camera had the shutter replaced at 138,000. My new camera has over 40,000 shots on it.

As an engineer, I thoroughly understand "how" the images are formed on the film (and now chip). The challenge is to create something that is pleasing to view. I find it surprising how well the creativity of the art of photography and the cold, technical aspects of engineering work together. Take a look at some of my work and let me know what you think.